Collected Data

With the session repetition, the Fullog makes the capture of data in order to find problems and understand the users’ behavior.
  • All the consoles (log, error, warn, info)
  • All the API callings (fetch and xhr)
All these information are easily controlled by the platform itself. Access here in case you want to configure.


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The session recording on Fullog uses the MutationObserver API to capture events (click, scroll, etc).
We allow you to reproduce these videos in order to contextualize the bugs and understand the user’s behavior.

Network request and responses

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Fullog intercepts the XmlHttpRequest and window.fetch to capture the request and response data from your product, including the status codes, headers and body.
But do not worry, we don’t save the information kept in these requisitions, just the value typesetting.
Ex. A request that has a return.
{ "name": "vic", "role": { "admin": true } }
The Fullog will only save as:
{ "name": "string", "role": { "admin": "boolean" } }
That is useful to help you being able to understand whether the format is being sent and receiving correctly without worrying about the sensible values.


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Fullog intercepts all the logs of your product. (console.log, console.error,console.info and console.warn).

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