Analytics & Dashboards

With the Fullog Dashboards, you can visualize all the most important metrics of your Product through Insights and Funnels.

Usage Cases

With Dashboards, you are able to maintain in just one place the key indicators to your business. Create multiple following dashboards with the goal and share it with your team.
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Create personalized events

Through the tracking API you can send personalized events in the desired moment to your application.
Enter in the Analytics tab of your project, and you will be able to select your created event.
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Match multiple events

This is very useful to create comparisons from any important metric.
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Filter your events

Utilize filters to understand with more details your metrics.
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Use Breakdown

Segment your events to understand where the largest neck can be or create comparisons.
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Create Funnels

It works for organizing, accompanying and monitoring the user’s journey.
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